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Getting the best value for money is as easy as following these simple steps.

By Lindsay Samson

November 24, 2022

There's nothing better than snagging a great deal on a timeless handbag, a gleaming trinket, or an elegant party dress. Gearing yourself up to check out your shopping bag and then learning that you're getting way more than you bargained for is an unparalleled feeling. Still, end-of-year sales can often feel daunting, and impulse purchases may betray saving tactics entirely. With so many temptations to splash the cash, how can you spend consciously, and avoid buying something you'll later regret? Read on and discover our list of fail-proof methods to keep front of mind this sale season.


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Sale items are as good as gone as soon as they hit the rail, particularly during the holiday season, as shoppers hunt for the best deals. The easiest way to ensure you stay ahead of the sale is to sign up for your favorite shopping destination's emailing list to get first dibs. Mailers keep you posted on upcoming discounts, exclusive offers, and new collection drops. They may even allow you to snag a few special-priced items before other shoppers descend upon online stores in droves. 


Set a Budget, and stick to it

It's easy to get carried away during the sale season. The massive slash in prices on gorgeous garments is enough to tempt anyone to go a little wild with their credit card. However, spending too much on sale items beats the core purpose of sale shopping. Besides, greeting the festive season with a depleted bank account is something nobody wants. You must set a realistic budget to prevent getting swept up in all the markdown excitement and coming out the other end with extreme buyer's remorse.


Plan Ahead

As the saying goes, 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.' Decisions need to be made as quickly as possible while still being thoughtful. Approaching the sale season knowing exactly what you are looking for is advisable. Without this, you may aimlessly go back and forth about a purchase and possibly lose out on a great deal due to indecision. For this reason, we suggest taking an inventory of your closet and deciding beforehand on the items you wish to buy. Sure, you can leave a little room for spontaneity here or there, but having clarity on what you need in advance will help you beat that noisily ticking sales clock.


Prioritize investment pieces

Investment pieces often come with a hefty price tag that can cause a significant strain on your bank account. During the sale season, these pieces are usually as affordable as they'll ever be, making it the best possible time to acquire them. Even though lower prices might be tempting, trends come and go, so buying a trendy piece of clothing during this time may make it unwearable next season. Rather make this sale period count by snapping timeless classics that will live long beyond the shifting fashion currents.


Enlist a shopping buddy

It's easy to get caught up in the frenzy of end-of-year sales and purchase many random items simply because of the slashed prices. The items bought may not necessarily be your style, but the super low cost tempts you to think you may wear them one day. To avoid these awkward impulse buys, send links to the products on your wishlist to a trusted shopping companion who has a good idea of your taste. Having someone that can hold you accountable and keep you level-headed can help you make more intelligent sales purchases. 


Be sure about your size

There's nothing worse than finding an item on sale that you genuinely love, only to discover your size is sold out. If you're particularly enamored with the item's style, it can sometimes lead you to buy it in another size, convincing yourself that you can squeeze into it or send it for alterations. We advise against this, especially since most items purchased at end-of-year sales are non-refundable, and there's nothing worse than being stuck with an item you probably won't be able to wear. Let it go. You'll be happy you did so in the long run.