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Take a journey across four cities and discover inspired fashion adventures with the Senegalese label’s new capsule, Yoon.


Sep 2, 2021

As we rush to catch flights and soak up the very last drops of the summer sun, we’re doing so in grand style thanks to Sengalese lifestyle brand, Diarrablu. Created for the conscious, well-traveled woman, Diarrablu, according to founder Diarra Bousso, is where tradition and technology collide. Drawing on two juxtaposed worlds, Senegal, where she’s from, and San Francisco, where she now lives, Bousso merges them to create what she calls “beautiful magic”.

Speaking about the capsule collection, Diarra reveals how it can inspire dauntless explorers to seek previously undiscovered paths in complete comfort. “Yoon is the Wolof word for ‘path’ therefore the idea of travel is very strong in my collection,” she says, “Many people buy my clothes specifically for traveling, because they’re designed intentionally, they're very easy to wear, the pieces are comfortable with no zippers or buttons, and everything is elasticized.” For the Diarrablu woman, Bousso adds, the idea of comfort coupled with style while traveling is essential.

Whether you prefer to spend your days sprawled out on a sun-soaked tropical beach or hunting for antiques in the craft markets of obscure European cities, the Yoon collection has pieces that will prove the perfect companion no matter what your travel archetype. Read on to discover (and shop) the only packing list you’ll need for your next stylish jaunt.

The Island Hopper

Kingston, Jamaica 

With voluminous, flowing fabrics and vivid prints, a kimono and matching swimsuit are the perfect companion for days spent tracing the coast on catamarans and laying on the white sand beaches of sun-drenched Jamaica. Featured in a print inspired by Saly, a seaside town in Senegal known for its strong architecture and the distinct pinkish-terracotta color that's present in the many buildings, the Idya Swimsuit and Sirene Kimono bring a welcome dose of West African charm to the Caribbean islands. If you find yourself drawn to beach breaks where the cocktails are cold and the sun is scorching, then you’re most likely at home at one of the 700 islands, islets, reefs, and cays scattered along the Caribbean Plate. A cultural melting pot and a town that pulses with palpably infectious energy, Kingston is a bubbling metropolis that’s just a stone’s throw away from the respite of the deep blue sea. 

24 Hours in Kingston

After visiting Lime Cay, a small, low-lying cay with one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, throw on the matching Lala dress, also in the Saly Rose print, to explore the city. Weave through the busy streets of Kingston, lined with eye-catching murals by local artists, to grab an authentic Jamaican meal at Gloria’s Rendezvous. After indulging in their signature red snapper, take a tour of the cultural presentations at the National Gallery of Jamaica before settling to watch the sunset at Hope Botanical Garden to the soothing sounds of a live reggae band.

Idya Swimsuit. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu.

Idya Swimsuit and Sirene Kimono. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu.

Sirene Kimono. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu.

The City Slicker

Barcelona, Spain 

A simple piece of clothing that can transition from day to night with some savvy styling and a hefty dose of accessories, a statement jumpsuit is a minimalist's dream. Comfortable, flattering, and utilitarian, a jumpsuit is a must-have wardrobe essential for any trip, most especially a jam-packed city escape. What could be more fuss-free than a chic all-in-one? Crafted in a unique salmon hue, the billowing Alaise jumpsuit hides a multitude of holiday diet-induced sins whilst keeping you cool and comfy as you hit the (many) Barcelona streets. Bousso shares a useful tip, “When I travel, I'm not trying to watch what I eat, I want to eat comfortably and not worry about my zipper not closing and I know that in my Diarrablu clothing, I can do that.”

24 hours in Barcelona

Start your day with brunch at Cremat 11 in el Born, tucking into their famed selection of eggs benedict, fluffy banana pancakes and mouth-watering avocado toast, and then pay homage to the mind-bending works of one of Catalan’s most prolific architects, Gaudi, at the Park Güell. Hop on the metro and head over to the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art to immerse yourself in the local art scene, before taking a breezy evening stroll down Las Ramblas. Head back to the hotel, throw on a jacket, some gilded earrings, and a pair of heels to take in what Barcelona’s nightlife has to offer by dancing the night away at Pacha.

Alaise Jumpsuit. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu.

Alaise Jumpsuit. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu.

Alaise Jumpsuit. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu.

The Elegant Explorer

Positano, Italy 

Strike a delicate balance between form and function with this all-white ensemble. Keep your head cool with the chic Headwrap Blanc while pairing the wide-legged Leer Pants with the sophisticated Mila Top for a monochromatic look with a welcome splash of color. Speaking about the painterly Arte Blanc print, Bousso explains, “It combines the blue of the ocean, the pink from Saly, and a yellow that’s reminiscent of the sun adding some welcome brightness.” Spread that sunshine among the sun-drenched steps of Positano, along Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

24 Hours in Positano

With its winding staircases, narrow streets, and a multitude of stores selling quaint ceramic homeware, Positano is one of the most picturesque destinations in the world and a certified celebrity hotspot. Start your day with an original Italian espresso from La Zagara before exploring, at your leisure, the numerous antique stores that the town offers, making sure to stop at Bimonte Christian for one-of-a-kind trinkets. Don’t forget to stop for a scoop of gelato at Collina Bakery, and enjoy dinner with a view at Ristorante Mirage as the lights of the night twinkle around you. La Dolce Vita, indeed. 

Solid Blanc Headwrap and Mali top. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu

Mila top and Seur Skirt. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu

Awa Kimono and Leer pants. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu

The Ardent Adventurer 

Nairobi, Kenya 

For those of you who prioritize a little adventure, an East African trip should be right up your alley. When excitement and unpredictability are on the agenda, it calls for an ensemble that's effortless, comfortable, and above all else, versatile. Is there any other item of clothing that possesses such an air of ease as the kimono? Adorned with a graphic print called Costa Blue, inspired by the geometry and blue hues of the sea, the Leer Pants and Mini Kimono represent the ideal holiday co-ord. A surefire style hack, matching sets give any look an instantaneous air of polish. “Versatility is very important to us; we like clothes that are multipurpose, that can be worn in different ways,” says designer Bousso. “The Diarrablu woman is not just one woman, she’s not just a woman who travels, she goes for parties, goes to work; she has so many exciting things going on in her life that she wants garments that can cut across these different scenarios seamlessly.”

24 Hours in Nairobi

Engage in some nature-filled exploits as you pay an early AM visit to the captivating (and highly Instagram-worthy) Giraffe Manor, a 1930s manor house that’s home to a herd of endangered giraffes. Slip into some heels and snag yourself a dinner reservation at new Ecuadorian hotspot Cultiva, a farm-to-table food lab in Karen, and indulge in a much-needed nightcap at The Mulberry Project by The Alchemist, the Nairobi outpost of an NYC speakeasy known for their bespoke craft cocktails.

Leer Pants and Mini Kimono. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu

Leer Pants and Mini Kimono. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu

Lala Dress. Photo: Courtesy of Diarrablu

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